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Bosch MSE 3.0

120.00 $
Software module for editing calibrations of Bosch MSE3.0 ECUs


Software module for editing calibrations of Bosch MSE3.0 ECUs used in different types of extreme vehicles like motobikes, quads etc…

Maps available:
-Airmass calculation: airmass flow through throttle valve, manifold pressure in case of sensor error, throttle valve position, calculated filling, volumetric efficiency, and gas pressure to correct airmass
-Fan switching temperature and latency
-Idle: desired idle speed, spark advance at idle
-Injector control: injector end timing at part and full load, injector flow constant and battery voltage correction
-Lambda control: Enable lambda thresholds, battery voltage to disable lambda and lambda sensors configuration
-Limiters: engine speed limitation
-Mode switch: throttle valve threshold to exit idle speed, threshold to full load
-Spark advance: base spark advance, spark advance offset, temperature corrections
-Start: cold and warm start enrichments, correction factors to reduce enrichments after start, spark advance at start
-Target lambda: target lambda at part load, at full load, at warm up, target lambda on acceleration, pulsations correction, minimal and maximal lambda

Supported SW list

Bosch MSE 3.0 Bosch MSE 3.0 Bosch MSE 3.0

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